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On purchasing an admission pass to the KärntenTherme, operated by KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH (FN 143404 p), all visitors agree to adhere to the following bathing regulations:

1 Admission, opening times

1.1 Use of the KärntenTherme spa is only possible and permitted with a valid admission pass. KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH issues chip watches as admission passes and these record the rel-evant admission details relating to the use of the KärntenTherme, depending on the contract in question. The duration of use is based on the time of admission to the KärntenTherme (activation with chip watch) and the return of the chip watch on leaving the KärntenTherme. If the agreed duration of use is exceeded, an additional fee must be paid at the spa counter, based on the specified tariff.

1.2 Visitors (aged 4 and above) can log any refreshments purchased on their chip watch and pay for these at the spa counter on leaving the KärntenTherme.

1.3 The chip watch and receipt should be retained for the duration of the spa visit. On leaving the KärntenTherme, the chip watch should be placed in the designated container after payment of the logged total.

1.4 Loss of the chip watch must be reported to the spa counter immediately and the till receipt pre-sented. In the event of a chip watch being lost, the visitor will be required to pay EUR 15 for a replacement. Any refreshments already purchased using the chip watch will be automatically transferred to the new chip watch and the full total must be paid on leaving the KärntenTherme.

1.5 Children aged 13 and under are only permitted to enter the KärntenTherme spa if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

1.6 The opening times and prices for admission passes are displayed on the sign. Only one discount can be claimed at a time.

1.7 KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH is entitled to refuse admission to visitors where there is a good reason for this (for example, if the officially permitted number of visitors has been exceeded, the visitor in question is drunk or on drugs, the visitor has an infectious or unpleasant illness or the visitor has an ailment which could endanger the safe operation of the spa etc.)

1.8 Bikes, roller skates, inline skates and animals are not permitted. If prams are taken into the wet areas, the wheels must be covered with protective coverings which can be provided by the KärntenTherme. On busy days, prams are not allowed in the wet area.

1.9 The selling and gifting of vouchers to the spa area is not permitted.

1.10 An announcement will be made to indicate the end of the opening hours of the KärntenTherme. All visitors are required to leave the KärntenTherme on time and must not stay beyond the opening times.

1.11 The admission pass loses its validity on leaving the KärntenTherme (this does not include time value passes).

2 The facilities at the KärntenTherme

2.1 KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH enables visitors to use the KärntenTherme facilities at their own risk in line with the terms and conditions of these bathing regulations.

2.2 KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH works with its employees to ensure that visitors and other individuals on-site adhere to the bathing regulations, where possible. If any behaviour is identified which contravenes the regulations, the individuals involved will be issued with a warning and may be expelled from the site without the admission fee being refunded.

2.3 In the event of an accident, KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH will provide assistance without delay, where possible. Everyone is responsible for providing first aid.

2.4 In the event of an incident occurring in the KärntenTherme (accident, dispute, theft etc.), visitors are required to inform the spa supervisors immediately.

2.5 KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH and its employees are not able or required to supervise underage guests, visitors with a physical or mental disability and those who cannot swim.

2.6 Visitors unable to swim are required to remain within the labelled non-swimmer areas or to wear swimming aids (e.g. life jacket or arm bands etc.)

2.7 Inflatable mattresses, swimming floats, snorkelling equipment and other such items are not permitted in the swimming pool.

2.8 Any form of commercial activity, announcement or advertising within the area of the KärntenTherme requires written approval from KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH in advance.

2.9 Visitors can make general use of the facilities at the KärntenTherme spa (recliners, chairs etc.) at their own risk. In the interests of the other visitors, recliners cannot be reserved at the KärntenTherme spa. All areas include lockers where towels, bags and other objects can be stored. Employees of the KärntenTherme are instructed to remove any towels from reserved recliners. These towels can be collected from the counter.

2.10 Please note that, during stormy weather, swimming and use of the outdoor pool, the linked (indoor and outdoor) pools and the slides is prohibited. In stormy weather, KärntenTherme BetriebsGmbH will close the outdoor pools and linked pools and slides to prevent their use by visitors.

2.11 The windows, ventilation systems and other technical facilities can only be operated by employees of KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH. Visitors are prohibited from handling any of the KärntenTherme facilities which are not for direct use by the visitors.

2.12 Visitors are prohibited from throwing away or leaving behind any objects which could cause accidents or from bringing any hazardous or flammable substances into the spa.

3 Supervision of children, disabled people and guests unable to swim

3.1 Those usually responsible for looking after children, disabled people and guests unable to swim (for example, parents, guardians or carers) are also required to supervise them in the spa area. These guardians or carers are also responsible for this supervisory role before entering the spa site or on leaving the site early.

3.2 Young people and their guardians are required to respect the youth protection regulations and in particular the prohibition on alcohol and smoking.

3.3 For group visits (for example, school children or clubs), the responsible supervisor (in the case of school children) or official (in the case of clubs or organisations) ensures that the bathing regulations are observed and that the normal operation of the spa is not interrupted by the group visit. With school visits in particular, the supervisor is responsible for ensuring that order is main-tained in the changing areas. Communal changing room areas are available, separated into the different sexes. Supervisors are required to be present for the duration of the group visit and hold full responsibility for ensuring that the regulations are observed.

3.4 The sports pool at the KärntenTherme is divided into swimming channels for the use of clubs, school parties and other group visits.

4 Instructions
4.1 Visitors are required to follow all instructions issued by employees of KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH and to follow any visible instructions and warning signs relating to the use of the individual facilities (for example, slide, river, sauna, solariums).

4.2 Users of the equipment and facilities must ensure that they and the other spa guests are not placed in any danger. Spa guests located near to the equipment or facilities must ensure that no danger to themselves or other spa guests is caused by the users of the equipment and facilities. Spa guests should look out for other guests.

4.3 If the bathing regulations or terms of use for specific facilities (for example, slide, river, sauna, solariums) are not observed or instructions given by employees of the KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH are not followed, KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH is entitled to evict the individuals in question from the KärntenTherme without refunding the admission cost, if there are sufficient grounds to do so. In special cases, these individuals may also be prohibited from entering the spa in the future.

5 Hygiene regulations

5.1 Visitors are required to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness throughout the KärntenTherme spa. Any soiling of the KärntenTherme facilities or water is prohibited.

5.2 Visitors are not permitted to enter the barefoot area in outdoor shoes. The foot disinfecting areas must be used before entering and leaving the KärntenTherme spa.

5.3 Visitors (including young children) are required to wear standard bathing wear in the wet area of the KärntenTherme (bathing trunks, swimming costume, bikini). Visitors are also required to ensure that babies are wearing special water-tight nappies in the wet area of the KärntenTherme.
If these requirements are not respected, resulting in a soiling of the spa facilities, KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH is entitled to charge a cleaning fee of EUR 50.

5.4 Visitors must take a shower before entering the swimming pool for hygiene reasons.

5.5 The use of soap, shampoo or other detergents and the washing of bathing wear in the swimming pool and bathing area is prohibited. Shaving, dying hair and cutting nails is prohibited the KärntenTherme sauna and bathing area.

5.6 Any waste must be deposited in the specially provided containers (bottles, glasses, cans, paper etc.)

5.7 It is prohibited to take breakable objects into the KärntenTherme for safety reasons. Smoking is also not permitted throughout the KärntenTherme, except in the specially designated smoking areas (restaurant terraces).

5.8 The consumption of food and drink is prohibited throughout the spa areas for hygiene reasons, with the exception of the restaurant areas.

5.9 Bathing slippers are also recommended for hygiene and safety reasons, in particular in the wet areas of the KärntenTherme.

6 Refraining from dangerous or annoying behaviour

6.1 All visitors are required to look out for their fellow spa guests. It is therefore essential to refrain from anything which could cause nuisance or danger to oneself or other visitors.

6.2 The photographing and filming of other individuals and groups without their permission is prohibited.

6.3 Electronic devices may only be used with earphones.

6.4 All of the fixtures and facilities of the KärntenTherme may only be used for their intended purpose (for example, kids’ splash pools, areas for those who can’t swim, water slide).

6.5 The various boundaries of the bathing premises should not be climbed on or over.

7 Safekeeping of valuables

7.1 Visitors are required to store and lock valuables, money and switched off mobile phones in the lockers provided by KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH with the chip watch.

7.2 KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH is only liable for items brought to the spa by guests where permitted by law and only when the damage is proven to have been caused either intentionally or as a result of gross negligence by the company or its employee. No liability is accepted for damage caused by third parties.

7.3 The lockers must be cleared out on leaving the KärntenTherme. All of the lockers are automatically opened by the system at midnight. Any items left behind in the boxes are collected by KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH and, where the total value is worth less than EUR 10 and the items are not of huge significance to the person who lost them (§391 ABGB), they are retained for 12 months and then donated to charity after this time. Other items which exceed the value of EUR 10 or items which are of significance to the person who lost them will be reported to the relevant lost property office and handed in there.

7.4 Solariums prohibited for children

7.4.1 Guests under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the solariums at the KärntenTherme for legal reasons.

8 Liability of KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH

8.1 KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH is only liable for damage cause by unlawful and culpable con-duct on the part of the company or its employees.

8.2 KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH is not liable for any damage (material or financial damage) unless this is the result of intentional or grossly negligent acts by employees of KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH.

8.3 Visitors use parking spaces at their own risk. The spa is not required to monitor parking spaces or to service the parking areas and facilities to protect the vehicles against damage (e.g. from nails, glass shards or other potholes on-site).

8.4 Vehicles and other objects must not block access to the spa, in particular by the fire, ambulance and police services.

9 Sauna regulations
Visitors to the sauna area are required to adhere to the following terms in addition to the general bathing regulations:

9.1 The sauna is operated as a mixed sauna by KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH. There are separate areas for women. The sauna can only be used by visitors in an appropriate state of health. If in doubt, the spa doctor must be consulted.

9.2 Admission to the sauna area is only permitted to adults and young people aged 16 and over.

9.3 All visitors are required to shower before using the sauna facilities for hygiene reasons.

9.4 Visitors may only use the sauna areas without clothing. Use of the sauna chambers is only permitted with use of a hand towel of sufficient size. All parts of the body must be placed on the towel. The wearing of jewellery is not recommended in the sauna cabins and pools and visitors do so at their own risk.

9.5 Only infusion agents/oils provided by KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH can be used for the infusions. Visitors are not permitted to use their own oils or infusion agents.

9.6 Spirits, strong smelling essences or flammable infusion concentrates may not be poured onto the sauna stoves as this could cause a fire.

9.7 Infusion times are established by KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH. KärntenTherme Betriebs GmbH reserves the right to change the programme and times.

9.8 The use of mobile phones in the relaxation areas is strictly prohibited.

9.9 Visitors are required to shower before using the plunge pool or whirlpool.

9.10 The supervisory staff are entitled to issue warnings or ban visitors from the sauna in the event of the bathing regulations being contravened. In this case, the visitor(s) in question are not entitled to claim a refund of the admission fee. 


We would like to wish our guests a relaxing visit to the new KärntenTherme spa!

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