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How long is my purchased ticket valid? Your ticket is only valid for the day of your selected visit. If it is not redeemed, its validity expires. There will be no refund of the amount paid.

What happens if I cannot come? If you do not redeem your ticket, it will automatically be converted into a voucher. This amount can be redeemed for all spa services (except for other on-line ticket purchases). Admission is no longer guaranteed with this voucher!

At what time can I come? Admission to the KärntenTherme is possible at any time FROM the time of your selected time slot.

Which admission do I book as a family? If you would like to visit us with paying children (4 years and older), book the FUN family day admission (min. 1 adult + max. 5 children/young people per family). If your children do not have to pay (under 4), book the regular adult day admission FUN or the 3-hour ticket.

Do I need a ticket for a child under 4? You do not need to book an extra ticket for non-paying children under 4 years of age.

What is the latest I can buy a ticket? Same-day bookings are also possible subject to available capacity.

Can I also buy reduced-price tickets (family pass, senior citizens' day, handicapped, student, etc.) online? Discounts are deducted on site at the spa ticket office. Buy your desired entry online at full price and your discount will be refunded when you visit.

I did not reserve a ticket for everyone in my group, are they all still guaranteed admission? Admission can only be guaranteed for those guests who have purchased a ticket in advance.

Is there still free capacity if the online tickets for a day are already fully booked? Basically, our entire quota is available online. Spare capacity may only arise if guests leave the spa earlier than stated.

Can I reserve a ticket on site for a future spa day? Reservations can only be made via our website.

Can I reserve a ticket by telephone? Unfortunately, reservation by telephone is not possible for organisational reasons.

Do I also need a reserved ticket for a SPA treatment? If you only want to get a SPA treatment without admission to the spa, you do not need an online reserved ticket for this.