Special facial treatments |
Exclusive facials at the SPA

Stimulate, detox & cleanse

For a radiant complexion

Pamper your skin with an ultrasound treatment or VIBE Meso Thermal treatment. The ultrasound treatment is one of the most effective means of smoothing out uneven skin, reducing large pores or scarring and treating wrinkles. The VIBE Meso Thermal provides an anti-ageing boost along with comprehensive cleansing and meso-poration.


Ultrasounds are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen. In this way, the cell metabolism is stimulated and cell renewal activated. The heat opens the pores of the skin and the active ingredients penetrate into deep layers.


The skin learns again to produce collagen obtaining a long-term effect.

Well-being time: 40 min. / € 65,00



This treatment is a natural facelift without needles or scalpel exclusively with VIBE products. With this treatment you will get a firmer skin, the muscles are strengthened from outside and the wrinkles filled up from inside.

  • Phase 1. Deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, electric peeling
  • Phase 2. Active ingredients depending on skin type
  • Phase 3. Meso poration (electric impulse) to activate the facial muscles, masque and final care

Well-being time: 60 min. / € 88,00


Every special facial treatment can be completed with an VIBE ampoule (each) € 9,00

facial treatments at the kärnten therme spa